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Railjack pvp idea


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Railjack pvp

2 teams
4 players per team

Give the teams a preset railjack that is unchangeable this would make it easier to balance ships.

Potental roles:

Omni crew:
Remove omni and the forge from pvp instead replace the 4th players job with tactician this would prevent the match from being based on who runs out of revolite first

Jobs of roles:
Pilot: Pilots the ship and commands the rest of the team doesnt have access to guns
Gunner: pretty easy to guess
tactician: A new role to play as this player will be in charge of using railjack abiltys no other player will be able to use railjack abiltys

PVP only abiltys:
Boarding crew - sends a boarding party to invade the enemy ship and break parts such as the gun bringing it offline for a couple seconds
Emp - Disables shields from both railjacks
Repair crew - summons a repair crew to bring parts of your ship online faster
Cloak - covers the railjack in a camo cloak the railjack takes more damage when this is active
Heavy bullets - Uses very expensive metals to create hard hitting rounds allowing the gunners to choose between heavy and non heavy bullets

Boarding crew - 3 min
Emp - 2 min
Repair crew - 3.5 min
Cloak - 10 seconds (becomes more visable each use though)
Heavy bullets - 10 min

Abilty strength:
Boarding crew - summons 5 lancers (targets repair crew)
Emp - lasts 20 seconds
repair crew - summons 3 repair units (cannot attack boarding crew)
Cloak - x3 damage taken (movement speed increased)
Heavy bullets - Increases damage by x3 (50 bullets per round)

Railjack exculsive abilities for pve/pvp
Rush repair drones
Built forma

other rules:
You cant exit your ship and go in archwing to board the enemy ship



let me know if anything seems a bit op or if theres anything I should add

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