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Saturn Proxima, Nodo Gap; only 2 crewships spawn, forcing crew to abort mission and get nothing.


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Mission: Saturn Proxima, Nodo Gap

How to replicate: Just play the mission, 2nd time playing this mission, 2 of the 4 crewships were nowhere to be found. Mission impossible to complete.


  • Host migration does not fix the issue.
  • Disabling network does not fix the issue.
  • Unable to access abort / escape menu
  • When crew members get fed up and leave, if set to public, randoms start joining, mission is still dead and uncomplete-able, further wasting all players time.
  • Only recourse is to force close warframe, no crewmembers nor host get any rewards.
  • Spent more than 30 minutes scouring the whole map to the point of even locating the map's outer edges / boundaries, still no crewships to be found.

Suggested Solution: Stop forcing us to rely on an arbitary mission complete to reap our rewards, when we acquire them, especially when it is random drops, just let us keep

the danged things already.



  1. Killed off everything flying around, including completing the mission objective of destroying the platform. Still missing 2 crewships.
  2. Same as run #1, couldn't find 2 crewships. Scoured the map looking just in case. Spent a severe amount of time looking.
    • attempted host migration, nothing
    • attempted network disabling and re-enabling, nothing still missing 2 crewships
    • host forced to force-close warframe as menu bugged out
  3. Finally a third run, with a completely different group of people, 4 crewships actually spawned.


Saturn mission, the 2nd node, just wasted an hour in it, 2 Crewships never appeared.

An hour's worth of resources, loot, mk2 ship items, all gone because there were never 2 out of the 4 crewships to destroy.


We are now back to the whole "stupid mission complete required to get anything for you time" that used to happen years ago.

Serious nonsense. Stop having us waste time for nothing please; if you can't manage to get the mission itself to function properly,

then stop forcing the mission to be complete for us to get our loot & rewards.

Pick one; either fix the mission, or let us just acquire the rewards as we get them.


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