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Free roam us, Archwingers!

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I hope some of the DEVs could hear us out. "Us", meaning we, the real fans of flying the archwing.

I for instance just LOVE flying around in space, repeatedly going through those missions where you'll have asteroids and satellites, peacefully enjoying the view and biding my time. Now, when seeing this Empyrean update here, I feel even more like the DEVs are listening to us players, and giving us what we asked for. As for MY suggestion: while we do have more map options to fly around using our archwings, these are STILL CLOSED MISSIONS, meaning we are not entirely free to enjoy and take our time just to zoom across the map as we see fit. No. We are always worried being on a time schedule, doing the objectives and what not.

The thing is: sometimes a player does not want to worry about being IN an actual mission, but, merely relaxing in deep space. Why not take those 2 or 3 SPACE TEST MAPS you DEVs almost certainly have there, and make them available for casual free-roaming in space? Meaning we could stop by a few different areas around the planet systems and just walk out of Liset and float around in our archwings. No enemies. No cronometers. No objectives. Just space, asteroids and silence. Maaaaan, I'd spend a good deal of time into one of those maps, just flying around... and I am SURE other archwing TRUE FANS out there would back me up on this.

And no, I am not talking about "Captura Scenes", I mean real maps to pick from your solar system screen.

Thank you so much.

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