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Do Strict Nat Issues Need Bigger Support Priority?


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While all longterm players have at some point or the other met with the topic of strict NAT and network issues, we still meet a bunch of new players every day who do not know anything about the ins and outs of peer-to-peer gaming.


My suggestion is to put up a big fat huge sign right on top of the forums where anyone with said issues can find help.


I realize only so much can be done about strict NAT, and that a lot of the problems around that can very well be dependent on customer hardware and connection.


However, what can be done, should be done with the great service and all the tools we have. We cannot afford to lose players over these issues. We need to do our best to simplify our tools and instructions, so that less technical minded players get a chance to resolve their issues.


If that means another button in the menu popping up whenver strict NAT is detected that leads to a deconflict ressource, then so be it. If it means another software dedicated to do it, and that is accessible from within the game that is probably worth a thought.


I think that it is paramount to understand that we are not just calling upon technical minded people to bring into the community, but we are calling upon all players. We do not need Warframe to be just another peer-to-peer game where you can shoot things. We need it to be the easiest peer-to-peer game to set up in order to play.

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This thread was made specifically to discuss having a network tutorial on the forums where everyone can see it. It adresses ease-of-use and visibility of important information. The thread you are linking to is a general discussion of strict NAT issues. Two different things.

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