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Adrestia; Warframe of Just Revolt


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So after having a mild panic, I got the idea for a trinity skin but then when I got to the page I'd forgotten entirely what had originally popped into my head, so then i remembered learning about one of the children of Aries and I got the idea for this 🙂 Adrestia, the frame of Just Revolt. The art isn't that great (post script but i realised I don't know how to submit photos for this, so you'll have to use your imagination) but while drawing her I got the idea that she shouldn't have energy. At all. Instead, she gets points from damage done to herself and teammates. It's really weird and probably stupid but i thought it was fitting for where her name comes from 🙂

Okay so, description. (I won't add number values because i could never hope to balance her right lol) She's a support frame with lots of Shield's but very little health to start. Her health stacks with ability use but that's it as far as health goes. She's a tall, powerful Warframe with average speed, but serious ability and aura strength. She's draped in a royal purple robe held up by a golden collar that rests along her shoulders, almost in the shape of the lotus symbol, but the ends sit in front of her collar bones, then loop around and meet behind her. all visible skin below said collar is covered in slits that open up for some abilities, each time revealing a 'heavenly' light. She has four pseudo eyes just below her mask, which leaks black smoke to intimidate enemies. Said eyes each raise just above her smoke screen. They also move to look at the enemy with the most health, within the players view. The layers of the mask curve around horn like structures that loop around and meet behind her head. The three layers of her mask open up on top to reveal a fancy tuft of hair. It's kinda like the synth fabric, or what revenant has pouring out of his arm. It grows in brightness with the stacking of her power equivalent "points". Each limb has two golden buttons that release smoke in conjunction with her mask for her third ability. 

Her abilities are as follows:

1: Blinding Beauty 

The slits all along her skin open up to reveal her blinding inner light, stunning/ irradiating enemies and giving friendlies increased power strength.

2: Functional fashion

With a spin, her purple robe clings to her body and becomes armor. (Basic ik)

3: Radiant Passion

The black smoke emitted from her mask (it floats down and fades away at her jaw usually) leaks down and leaves a trail, small chance of radiation proc on enemies, gives teammates who pass though + ability strength. 

4: Backlash 

The slits along her skin open again, this time draining enemies of health and dividing it evenly among team. Drain is proportional to damage points stacked. 

So there you have it! Sorry for the poor writing and lack of a photograph but i had to get it on paper before i forgot it. If you have any questions or suggestions, id be more than happy to take your comments into account :))))) have a lovely day, and thanks for reading 

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I didn't clarify the details of her mask and I made some spelling errors in my rush to type everything in my head. My mind is too fast for my thumbs.
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