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Low-Vision Accessibility & Accommodations


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I'm a bit new to the forums so I'm just gonna list some complaints and solutions with a bit of my experience as a low-vision player for context.

Problem #1

Mining: So we can build our ships now on PS4 and with that we got some new materials. Two of them are mining related and I'm going to be straight with you guys. This is torture. I've got a hard enough time finding the materials with them being just small patches of color against pretty rocks but on top of my face touching my screen as investigate I also have to use the super annoying sound that is my mining tool to lead my search. The solution? Just make them show up like moss does when you use your codex scanner while looking thorugh your tool. A nice, bright, different color that says, "Hey I'm not just some fancy lighting effect!" Some sort of green would be helpful. I'm no UI design genius I'm just rambling about what I think will work.

Problem #2a-2c

The Foundry: The background is terrible for people with contrast issues. Giving the option of what is basically a night mode for this would be lovely. Please... I'm begging you DE!

Focus Trees: Bright white background again.... yay!

The Arsenal!: I use the pretty pictures to identify my things but yeah. You get the idea.

Problem #3

I don't know! That's why I'm making this post!: With the problems I have I can imagine there are others who have things preventing them from enjoying the game as much as they want to. I love this community and want as many people to enjoy it as possible so any suggestions to make the game more accessible would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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