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Terrible screeching noises after returning to dry dock

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Either my game is haunted or something, or something terribly broke.


We did two railjack missions after each other, and I exited/entered the ship several times. On the way back, I heard these noises:


It wasn't discord, my friends were in the same server and heard nothing. I could tell the sounds were coming from Warframe. What on earth happened here?



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I have also experienced this during a Railjack mission recently. What I noticed was how footsteps, parkour movements (and some other ambiance sounds, i'm not sure) were muted afterwards.

Although the noises are different from the one I heard: 

Warning: You should definitely lower the volume unless you want to experience how I heard this noise out of nowhere.


I just hope I don't have to experience that out of nowhere again.

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Just adding my own occurrence of this when returning to the orbiter, it was a simple super high pitched noise with max volume that hurt my ears. Entered a mission and it dissappeared, have had other people complain about sound issues too after Railjack update.

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yeah there is some bug...I think its a graphic bug.  Something is sending certain color or graphic info to the speakers.

I had it happen after a railjack mission after the the team leader left the dry dock and sent me back to my own orbiter.


It was a high pitch shrill which would change.

At first I thought someone was attempting to broadcast via a radio to strongly and I was picking it up....but as I moved around my orbiter I noticed the sound changed or would go away. 

I then realized if my camera faced the very bright colors I would get the shrilling sounds.   


So since other people get it.....its code related....but not sure what code it causing it.....possibly a reward code or graphic render of some object corrupts a data structure to instead of sending graphic information to the graphics card....but also to the speaker....or perhaps a wrong variable was typed by mistake on some line and such it causes it to happen.

Either way....this bug.....will be a pain to find....as its not something that happens all the time...but does enough on random people to be annoying.

Weirdly with the way windows 10 has been doing strange things to differing things on my machine....requiring me to reset the thing to get programs to work correctly as of late.....I wouldn't be half surprised if it was a direct X or windows related issue.


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