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Railjack Configuration Issues


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The configuration menu has some confusing issues that need to be fixed.

1. Apparently there is a limit to how much you can have before things get scrapped, I may be missing it but if there could be something that tells us how much we have and the limit than that would be amazing.
2. Avionics has some issues, specifically with the scrap portion (a button that is tucked away in the bottom right of your screen) When scrapping the new Railjack Mods you cannot see what is installed or what house they are a part of, the only detail that is shown is how upgraded it is and the stats of the mod.  If the scrap menu could be overhauled to match the rest of the Avionics menus and show which of the mods or installed OR have an option for that (like the other menus have) that would be amazing! It's fairly clear that the scrap system for these mods was thrown together very last minute or not as much care was put into it. Please make this menu the same as the other mods.
3. Minor issues, such as things not updating properly after coming out of a mission (when you're in someone else's dojo) or during customization settings. 
4. A major issue I've found is that if you're part of the crew for someone else's railjack and return to their dojo and proceed to try and view or repair any items at the console then you'll be stuck loading until the squad disbands and you're removed from the dojo or you close the game. This may be an issue only I have however.

DE, please fix these issues, I love what you have put together and understand that you were excited to get things out on time, but these among the mountain of other bugs that have come from this update make things incredibly difficult.  Do your best with what feedback is given, I can't wait to see what more you have in store ❤️

If anyone else has any issues with configuration or know something that I missed then please say something, I just hope that DE sees this and is working hard to make things right.

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