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Which is your go to Sword Stance?


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I was rebuilding a new Zaw Ooltha Sword for high crit since its the new meta for slash builds. Now none-elemental status can proc in stance combos which benefits Condition Overload. Therefore to my surprise of testing with the Iron Phoenix, Crimson Dervish, and Vengeful Revenant, "Iron Phoenix" kills everything much quicker because of the quick  E+E+E (300% Impact & Slash + 200% damage + 200% knock down for ground finisher) When applying a ground finisher with sword it always does slash proc. From wiki it says sword ground finishes do a x4 multiplier. I had equipped CO, Sacrificial Steel, Organ Shatter and Finishing Touch to boost the slash ground finisher. One ground finisher was able to take out a 165 lvl corrupted heavy gunner. The Crimson Dervish was good also but the animation makes the process a little slower. Also not sure if its a bug but the Crimson Dervish has a hard time going into ground finishers compared to Iron Phoenix. But with this set up they than all do one ground kills. The Vengeful Revenant is flashy and can build combo counter up quick but take a little longer to kill everything.

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