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My Opinion On The Ui.


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The health bars cover up the chat. There's no way to tell when your mic is active. There's no way to tell who's talking to you. The weapon upgrades don't stack and it makes the menu ridiculously huge. If I'm thinking about equiping a +X% HP mod it doesn't tell me what my HP will be after equipping it. The weapons don't show their DPS so I have to use a calculator to figure out which one is better. I have an energy heal so why can't I see the other players' energy bars? I could go on and on about it, but I'll spare you.


TLDR: The UI is a trainwreck. It needs improvements big time.

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Great feedback, any suggestions on what would look/work better?


Move the HP bars so they don't overlap the chat. Show a little speaker icon either above the person's head or next to their HP bar when they talk on voice chat. Alternatively, something similar to the Teamspeak overlay. Add an energy bar under the HP bar for group members. Show a little number in the corner of the upgrades to show how many you have instead of putting them side by side. These are all pretty obvious, right?

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Good suggestions. I would like to add a few more for the PC version at least (although there is no reason they can't be done on a console...


1) I would also make it an option to have the Team Status up all of the time instead of having to hit it in combat (to let Trinity know when to cast Blessing or Well of Life, for example).


2) There is no good reason why you shouldn't be able to have the Equipment Inventory open and the Team Info up at the same time. Please make it so that you can view your team and still use items in your inventory.


3) Please consider having a a number (or a symbol) next to the players in the Team display and a corresponding marker on the mini-map. to better know who is where, if you need to split up.


4) Please consider having the game able to save the position when we choose to move around the chat window, both in missions and in the lobby. So that we don't have to keep moving it around even time we go out of a mission or back into the lobby. Why worry about what different players want in regards to position (where there will always be some that are unhappy with the placement) when you can leave it up to them to put the windows where they prefer?


5) Lastly, for now at least ;-) . Perhaps have chat windows that can be detached/separated, so that we can see clan chat and squad chat at the same time without having to swap back-and-forth.

For a cooperative oriented game it only makes sense to have a U.I. that better encourages teamwork.


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