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Archgun Status in Railjack



I have been playing for a few hours and I have encountered this dilemma. When I damage the ships with my archgun the status that proc are different from what i have moded. For example, with my  imperator vandal I'm causing ionic, plasma, etc.
So I have assumed that each normal status has an equivalent to railjack, to say something impact = ionic.
After all this, my question is if there is any place where I can see what my status is equivalent in railjack

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From my testing, the status types map 1:1 onto the base elementals. Nothing too funny going on here, just confirmation of what we would expect from common sense.

  • Fire: Incendiary, as expected
  • Cold: Frost, as expected. Does a bit more damage than heat
  • Toxin: Chem. Actually did less damage than fire for some reason.
  • Electric: Ionic. Does about half expected damage. Possible evidence that Railjack enemies use Alloy Armor
  • Magnetic: None, also does virtually no damage, possible evidence of Alloy Armor
  • Radiation: None, does significantly more damage, evidence of Alloy Armor
  • Blast: None
  • Gas: None
  • Viral: None, does ~70% more damage than Blast or Gas, possible evidence of Cloned Flesh health type Nevermind! Was a testing error, accidentally went to Earth 1 instead of Saturn 1. 
  • Corrosive: None, does same damage as Blast, Gas, and Viral

It seems as though Railjack enemies use Alloy Armor and are impervious to combined elemental statuses. My recommendation is to use Radiation/Cold. aweblade4 has done a video referring people to the Cyngas for its great IPS status effects, which I assume also translate 1:1

Some crude data, for the interested:




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To me, cyngas is my #1 archgun because of its slash (particle) which increases dmg for every slash proc on the same enemy. This is particularly useful to melt CS from full HP to 1 in a few seconds.

Rad+cold is pretty much the meta but I turn cold into viral with one more 60/60, resulting in slash+rad+viral+100% status chance. Viral is kinda useless but that would give me more slash proc instead of cold.  To compensate the lack of cold proc, I use amesha's 3 to slow down nearby ships.  Note that I also used the +120% slash to make slash proc chance higher (from 34% to 53%). If only imperator vandal has higher base status chance, I would use it over cyngas.

Just for your reference. At this point many weapons could do the job nicely so it's up to you to play whatever you want.

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