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Suggestion: Riposte For Longswords


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I have a suggestion that might make longsword both stronger and more interesting. Also, it uses mechanics that are already in the game (though some extra animations would be nice).


So my idea is this:


Longswords would get special ability to deflect enemy attack and riposte (counter-attack) after it.


It would work like this: When you block enemy melee attack within certain time frame (make it generous, but so that continuous blocking doesn't trigger it) then you deflect that attack removing the amage completely and stagger the enemy. It would also work on special attack like ancients' knock-down/tentacle-strike(?) or lancer shield-strike.


To prevent people from continuously staggering a horde of infested the deflection would need a short cooldown, though the time it takes before you take out your sword and get into the blocking postion and then put it away again is pretty long as is.


This is the first portion, the second portion of this the Riposte itself. After you deflect attack this way you get short dmg bonus to your next attack. This bonus could be anything from 200-400% dmg. This could be pretty broken with strong charge attacks, so I think that Longsword should be rebalanced to be mainly basic attack weapons or their charge attack should be balance with this in mind (maybe they could get some special properties.. but that's for another time).


This would reinforce the role of Longsword as universal utility weapons and combined with some new (and even some old) mods would allow you to make riposte builds for these weapons.




Extended Suggestions:


Here I will list some other ideas I had that would use this system. Feel free to skip this.


1) Make Deflection apply to ranged attacks as well, the initial block would deflect X number of bullets (100% dmg reduction) and you would get the same riposte bonus. The number of bullets you can deflect could maybe be changed by new mods.


2) Mods that would affect riposte. This would allow for alternative Riposte builds for longswords instead of the boring dmg+speed stacking. You could have mods that increase the number of attacks you will get the dmg bonus for or the amount of the bonus dmg.


3) New faster animation for the deflection would be nice, though not required. It just feels that the current blocking animation is pretty slow for this to work (you could just speed it up or introduce some mods that do so).



This suggestion aims to make longswords graceful weapons that provide excellent utility as well as good damage AS LONG as you use them skillfully. It does not aim to make Longsword on par with heavy weapons in sheer killing power.


If you enjoy to massacre entire groups with giant axes, then heavy weapons are for you. This is for people who like to slice up the occasional enemy while protecting themselves from as much dmg as possible. Basically run into the room shooting the first few guys, deflect their first attacks, by then you're right on top of enemies, so feel free to slice up few of them with the bonus you got.. clean the rest with your guns or just finsih them with your badass sword.


People with supercharged formaed swords can still go nuts with the melee (and with some degree of skill too, instead of button mashing), while people who enjoy using guns more get some utility and cool moments out of swords.




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you know what my favorite thing in The Witcher is?


personally, i'm no master at melee combat. so early in The Witcher, i do okay. i die sometimes, usually from being too defensive. 

but once i get Riposte, game over. that's the first thing i always start using. 


i want Riposte. give it to me. melee'ing right before an enemy hits you whilst your blocking, stagger, plus hit enemy once for 110-125% of the weapon damage. the bit of extra damage makes riposte look worthwhile to players that might not use it otherwise, but it's not a major boost, so it's okay.

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