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Lost all rewards from a 30 minute Kuva Survival fissure


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So, i went to do Kuva Survival fissure, ended up going on for 30 minutes in there.

near the end of the mission, the Host extracted with 1 other player (me and the other who got left behind were already near the extraction, trying to reach it in time), leaving the rest of the group in Host Migration and before i had loaded back into the mission, the other player extracted, pullling me out of the mission with him.

when it loaded me back into the orbiter, i was staring at the a blank mission rewards screen

i lost everything from that mission, around 4k kuva from modified life support capsules, 4 to 5 kuva drops from relics, riven sliver and even the relics i used. (that mission end screen says that my primary and secondary are both rank 30 too, but they lost all the XP they gained, Kraken is back to rank 28 and Tonkor is back at rank 22, with neither having no forma)

i did check if it was just a visual bug, but no, i still had the same amount of kuva as i had before this mission.

Edit: 1 hour later, got an inbox message from "Orbiter Systems" that it had recovered my rewards, but it gave all the rewards my relics gave me, not the ones i chose. (and it only recovered the relic rewards, not the pickups or rotation rewards)

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