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Railjack gameplay and QOL general feedback


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hello fellwo tennos,


after that big of an update for warframe and its future i felt like i had to give my thoughts about the current railjack.

i did enjoyed the new gamemode the first 2 missions and kinda understand some of the rant about it but as i did all missions available for earth i started to see some possible improvement here and there that would greatly improve the current railjack.

keep in mind that i have done all missions on earth but havn't started saturn ones yet.

i'll be separating my feedback in 6 parts: archwing&archgun, railjack, boarding, grineer ships, missions and overall feeling about the new game mode.





■ the changes we had on hitscan weapons being now projectiles weapons is fine. but some weapons really need some tweaks to make them useful.

i have only the grattler and the imperator so i can't speak for every arch weapons. but the grattler projectiles speed is too slow to hit fighters.

on a visual point of view the grattler projectiles are horrible. instead of shells we have rectangular grey ammo box.

■ about archwings themselves i have the odonata prime. i do feel like archwings powers need some changes on how they behaves on railjack missions.

odonata's missiles are too slow to hit anything (and generally does less damage than the arch gun itself). its anti missile flares does not work against grineer fighter plasma missiles making the power itself totally useless. i guess its ultimate that push ennemies and projectiles around needs some extra range too and be maybe able to repel for a set amount of time heavier projectiles so you may temporarly protect the railjack or yourself from grineer crew ship amazing sniping skill.



i havn't finished building my railjack yet so i don't have any ship upgrade experience. i will be talking only about the railjack gameplay while in missions.

■ as movements goes everything feel smooth. you feel the weight of your ship when you move around. tho a power ability to use afterburners  for a short while would be cool (lmaybe available only out of combat) as you sometimes strand a bit too far from the map and waste alot of time reaching back the asteroid field. but there is maybe a module that does already that?

■ when you pilote the railjack (or a grineer crew ship) or using a ship turret you don't see your squad members and health anymore. so you never know how many people is with you.

a little icon beside their name that indicate who is outside the railjack, inside a grineer crew ship or on your railjack would be really appreciated so anyone would instantly know if someone is on the railjack or not.. or outside recoolting ressources or helping disabling grineer crew ships.

■ if you gather enough ressources across the map your railjack is basically invicible if one tenno is there to repair cracks and extinguish fire on the ship. the mechanic is fine and permit survival in dire situation when you get surrounded by too many fighters and crew ships. that leads to 2 behavior that i don't find very fun. first the pilot just don't care about what he is doing and often run and gun everything without worries. one  tenno have to fly around collecting ressources everywhere and notenjoy the fight as everyone else.

i guess there is some module to empower railjack shield temporarly or increase its survivabilty. but when the railjack is severly damaged you should feel the dread of it instead of not caring at all.

i would suggest some disabilities (random or not) that, when the railjack is in a imminent destruction situation, would disable railjack movements, weapons, or even cc the tenno if they are in some part of the ship that is being pummeled by the ennemy (explosions inside the ship).etc... there should be more consequences of getting cracks on the ships than just .. getting cracks that is easily repairable with ressources and thats it.

■ aiming with railjackmain guns or turrets (same for grineer crew ships) does not display any target crosshair as to where you should aim to touch that fighter in movement.

it is totally fine while in archwing as it is understandable why we wouldn't have something like this. but ships are high tech war machines that should assist the crew the best it can to carry out the mission. it is something we see in (almost?) every other 3d space battle games. but if having the aiming as we do now is part of  a design choice then put at least the distance between you and the enemy ships like in archwing when you can see how much distance there is between you and other tennos. so skilled tenno could maybe aim depending on the target distance and weapon projectile velocity instead of just judging approximatively.

■ as immersion goes, railjack turrets does not turn around as a player inside a turret aim around. when he fire, the projectiles come out from a wierd place from the railjack instead from the turret.

i noticed that as a player was trying to touch me with the railjack right turret as i was flying around with the archwing. (it was on the free flight mission 😛)



boarding is a fun mechanic and it is quite well implemented from what i have seen so far. but some minor details could way improve the overall experience.

■ being boarded.

you can't be boarded everywhere on the ship and that's fine to me but the grineer boarding you could have a precise objective instead of just firing/hitting everywhere which trigger some random fire or bomb event.

what i could see is having a grineer party either fit to chase tenno inside the ship and trying to take control of it, to protect one or several engineers who's goal is to sabotage the foundry or plant a bomb in 2 or 3 designated places that you would need to hack to disable and destroy, to attack and destroy you reactor (classic defense mission) or to burn everything inside the ship with heavy flamer.

■ boarding crew ships.

the way you board grineer crew ships is fine. it can already be quite hard to board one without dying because it has very good accuracy (and thats fine by me). but you can efficiently destroy one from the inside way too quickly. just run like crazy inside the ship, fire a volley on the ships reactor and get out. done in less than 10 seconds.

i feel like it would be better to actually have to hack the reactor first for it to become vulnerable so you would need to actually fight inside the ship to get rid of some or all the crew to be able to hack safely unless you have a specialised warframe who can go insible or mass cc which is totally fine as it would let people specialise to achieve some goals faster.

■ boarding.. something else?

like in halo where you can board a fighter and take the pilot place it might be fun to be able to do so with every grineer fighter/bomber too. like with a special gun or after the fighter dropped health or whatever. i am  sure it would make space battles way more fun for archwing players. (it is already hard to stay near a fighter that goes faster than you anyway)


Grineer ships:

i like the AI so far. they aim well, they try to disengage and do evasive manuveurs when you tail them adn they do have some special abilities like plasma missiles or energy? vortex.

there is also quite a few diferent grineer ships to fight. (fighter, bomber, boarding shuttles, crew ship, mines..). but as you progress thought the missions you fight against the same enemies over and over again the exact same way. the just charge the railjack or whatever archwing player that comes nearby and swarm them like bees.

■ more ships variety is a no brainer. lets do exactly like warframe did at its first years. make eximus enemies. (call them whatever you like.) like captain ship? it would be like the squadron leader and may put a bit of challenge and rng in the encouter as a fighter, bomber or crew ship could be that leader. (or several of them?)

those "eximus power" could be very similar to what we already have on ground.

=> giant shield bubble (like the ice shield eximus) that need to be destroyed to board the ship or damage it.

=> giant shockwave (like the fire sockwave eximus) that would repel any archwing player around it and slow down the railjack for a limited time.

=> tractor beam. mayking one particular grineer ship a priority target since it will just stop the railjack and drag it slowly toward it.

=> blink ability. (tho this may become annoying).

i would also like to see a special missile grineer ship that would launch several long range missiles (or slow but devastating torpedoes) that can be destroying or jammed with special flares.

(unless railjack does already have a flare module i am not aware of)

(i'd like to see a grineer carrier too)

■ i like how taking over a crew ship doesn't imediatly flag you as an enemy and other grineer ships doesn't target you imediatly. but sometimes i feel like it isn't targeted at all.

in dificult missions being able to drag fire on their own ship instead of on the railjack couldbe a vialbe strategy instead of just rushing the crew ships destruction.

■ grineer crew ships health bar is sometime hard to see and you often don't know how much HP it has left.

i don't know if you can disable a crew ship engines by firing on it as i havn't tested it myself. it may be a cool addition but right now it isn't really useful as you usually can destroy one soo fast already by boarding it. but for immersion purpose it would be great i guess.

■ fighter/bomber formations. maybe there could be squads with a squad leader so grineer ships would move together acording to the squad they are in? i do feel like it is not a neccessary feature but as you progress though the missions it would be nice to see some change in the grineer ships behavior as they try and play more together and tries some tactics to outplay you instead of just flying around like bees.

■ grineer defence turrets on asteroids feel useless. they never target archwings like grineer ships do so they are of no threat.



missions are all the same with minors changes that doesn't change much to the experience with the same assets from one mission to the other. no explorable areas, just one big asteroid base in some missions and thats all. after 5 or 6 skirmish missoins it become a chores as you progress. enemies are slightly more powerfull but the encounters are the same.

■ no special encounters like crewships coming out of hyperspace from some unexpected spot or behind you to come and help. instead of just make all ships appearing in front of you from afar some ships could try and hide to make an ambush.

■ as missions type goes it would have been way more entertaining to have severals instead of the boring skirmish. (well it was fun at the beginning but it gets old fast as its the same things no matter the mission).

=> escort mission. protect a specific ship from enemies. tactic change as it is not the railjack but that other ship that need protection as the railjack would not be the priority target of the grineer.

=> capture mission. retrieve some unknown technology aboard a crew ship or space station and escape.

=> distress call. go at the distress call signal. but it is a trap. grineer ships come out of hyperspace and fighters come out of hidden asteroid base.

=> some grineer tries to raid a relay. imagine being able to engage the fomorian army with a railjack!!

=> bring down a grineer battleship. (to be fair this is something we will have to do in later missions anyway. i havn't tried it yet.)

=> 8 player, 2 railjack. massive battle. (in the future i can see a grineer vs corpus battle and we go right in to help one of the 2 faction)

=> conclave railjack! 2 railjack fighting each other. (hey why not?)

=> survive inside a storm while being attacked. valuable ressources scattered around permit the railjack to survive the storm few more minutes each time.

=> etc... (you can imagine anything, really..)

■ i could see a mission type change in the future that use the kuva lich system to expand over territories.

imagine being able to claim space territories around planets. having all 45 factions wage a big war to claim all of the system.pushing back or loosing areas depending on tenno activity. (the new war could be like that but better test it in a smaller scale before).


overall feeling about the new game mode:

overall i did enjoyed the first few missions before it became too repetitive.

the base mechanism are here and solid. but it needs improvement. right now railjack missions feel lke a fun tech demo of what is about to come with some core mechanism for us to test it.

there is a huge potential behind railjack and i hope it will be more than just an archwing 2.0 mission with a space ship.

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