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Feeling Stuck At Mastery Level 3



I feel like I'm stuck at mastery level 3. I have over 70 hours logged and I mainly use Rhino. I've been trying to use less levelled weapons to help increase the rate, but it feels like it's going very slowly. I'm aiming to be able to use the Hek, and to be able to craft the Ignis. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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i am feeling stuck at level 12, because after mastery rank 7 there is nothing to do. anyway.


if order to reach rank 4 as fast as you can, you should level several weapons to rank 10 or 15. pick another weapon and do the same, after all it is mastery points what matters. having unranked frames also helps.


you can also try to move to Sedna - Kappa. you can level weapons there, relatively fast.

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I would look for blueprints on alerts. They're usually melee weapons.

Before you log off for the day equip low ranked gear so the next time you log on the xp reward doesn't go to waste.

When turning single weapons into dual, you usually have to make one more of the same weapon, when crafting that go rank up another weapon.

Kappa on Sedna gives around 20k exp for weapons excluding the bonus.

Try to farm for other frames. You'll get 200 exp per rank.

Getting. Hate, dread, and despair early on will help you a lot. Especially despair.

Grind survivals for resources - build a lot of weapons. You'll get a good deal of credits so it shouldn't be an issue.

You may even get void keys which will allow you to get prime weapons. Although not suggested if you have limited slots.

Get all of the weak weapons out of the way first. You don't want to find out you don't have a slot for them if you have all the cool stuff o:

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If you haven't used your starting platinum yet and you don't plan on buying any, I'd recommend using it to buy warframe slots (20 each). Leveling weapons on kappa (sedna) or other grineer asteroid mobile defense missions (lua on earth, graeae on sedna, kiste on ceres) is the fastest way, definitely go with a group, as anyone running kappa should be there almost exclusively for the affinity


although the fastest way to level would be to level several weapons up to only 10 or 15, because that happens relatively quickly, unless you have room for all those weapons I'd recommend leveling them all the way to 30 before you're done with them. re-leveling weapons is annoying. back when I started, apparently I sold my skana once I got the orthos and for a while never looked back. so just last week I finally finished off the skana to 30. pretty odd for a mastery rank 11 player to be carrying a skana, but alas, I had to. 


I'd also recommend using underleveled frames if you have them, because experience is always distributed to your warframes, that's just how the mechanics work (an enemy you kill with your primary has it's affinity split between that weapon and your frame. an enemy killed by a warframe power sends all its affinity to your frame. and an enemy killed by an ally has its affinity evenly distributed between your primary, secondary, and melee weapons, and your warframe) so you might as well have that extra experience actually help to level something up.

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Farm new frames and use them, instead of using your level 30 rhino over and over.


Play in groups to compensate for underleveld weapons/frames


Basically never use a weapon/frame at level 30 and you'll rank up mastery in no time.


Also, a sentinel/his weapon can increase your mastery pretty quickly (not actually entirely sure about this)

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200 points per warframe level, 100 points per weapon level. 40,000 Mastery Points total to rank 4 (minus what you currently have will give you an idea how far you are).


PS: any sentinel or sentinel weapon levels won't give any points

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-Make lots of primary weapons. Try to start with the good ones like Soma, Braton, etc. 

-Make lots of secondary weapons. Dual weapons are great (but a little costly on credits) because you can level the single version and combine it with another unranked weapon to level the dual version. It saves a ton of inventory slots. I went through the dual vasto and the Bronco (bronco was a pain to level :P) and I'm working on dual Furis (sucky) and boltos (aweeesome). Making those 4 dual weapons gives me 8 weapons worth of experience. Armor-piercing sidearms like Bolto, kunai, and hikou are great for leveling since they do so much raw damage.

-Make lots of melee weapons. 

-Make LOTS of warframes. Those things give 6,000 for rank 30. 10 warframes = 60,000. That is, if you are able to obtain that many warframes. I basically got that many warframes after 1 week of grinding every boss.

-If you're trying to level a really sucky weapon or warframe, go to cyath.


-The best place to farm mastery is Cyath, Eris.

---Keep in mind that for every 100 experience your teammate gets with his weapon, you get 25 experience on your warframe, primary, secondary, and melee. (Wait, don't quote me on this. I might be terribly wrong). So just go to cyath with one decent self-defense weapon (enough to save the crypod from destruction) and let your allies kill everything (but try to help when they need it!). Your secondary and melee will level up faster than if you were to try killing enemies with those weapons. Usually, one cyath run is enough to get your weapon from unranked to level 6, 7, or even 8 without using them at all. Later on, when your weapons are modded (rank 20-29), you'll be getting at least 1 or 2 levels for each cyath run. Essentially, you can get level 30 in under 10 cyath runs. For example, I'll hop into a cyath with one decent weapon (let's say a level 28 Bolto) and some low-rank weapons (like a new Galatine and the crummy Paris) on a bad low-ranked warframe (Trinity). I just run around killing stuff with my bolto for bolto experience, but at the same time my allies' kills will count a lot towards all my other weapons and my warframe too. Depending on the people in the room, you'll get quite a bit of experience. If you have people leveling their ogrises or flux rifles or whatever, you'll get more weapon exp but if you have people rhino stomping and mpriming everything you'll get more warframe exp.


It's completely normal for a cyath run to give 100,000 total experience spread between your weapons and warframe.



I went from mastery 1 to 7 in 24 days, and those 24 days include days of not playing and days of farming resources or warframe parts instead of mastery points.

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