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A Compilation of Bugs


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I recorded some bugs I've found over the last couple days!


(the URL wasn't quite working for me so I inserted them into Imgur)

A couple other bugs of note.

  • Transitioning from Broad side turret mounts; The transition would bug and would FORCE me back into the turret section and then I would have to wait for a solid 3-4 secs. (this could be and issue because of the time sensitive nature of the combat)
  • Not being able to use OMNI tool or anything else; I've only had this happen once, I was knocked down in the middle of using the OMNI and it bugged and I wasn't able to use anything had to /unstuck

Outside of these few bugs, there really wasn't anything game-breaking or issues I've found I've done around 40-60 missions throughout the earth missions etc. 

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