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This was the ballistic archwing. Made with more armor, health and shields for combat. Destructive missles and a smokescreen. It was MADE as a warship killer. 

Railjack update turned it from a warmachine to a target. I switches out all power increasing mods for armor, health and shields simply because all those munitions are utterly worthless. I still use the wing because anything less than a Troopship takes a while to take me out, blasted big one only needs one undodgable flurry of shots to down me.

In my opinion all the archwings need a major rework to fit the Railjack universe.

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All the archwings need reworks Elytron more than any of them. If I was messing around I have it's 1 operate like Nova's antimatter drop - something to pump damage into before it splits off into a dozen homing missiles. His 2 replaced with Iron Skin in space with the animation of armour sliding over the wings at the cost of disabling blink. His 3 replaced with a self-replicating minefield he can tether to places and objects like the railjack to protect them. And his 4 with a nuke like the Profit-Orb explosion that scales with enemy level. As a bonus detonating it right next to you carries Elytron on the shockwave so it can be used for mobility.

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