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Please add dailies for Railjack


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I can still easily see myself continue doing regular Warframe stuff for at least several more weeks, before taking usual several month break: Sorties, Syndicate, Simaris scans... whenever necessary and not to tedious - farming new relics for new released stuff. And while at it - leveling up (formaing) new warframes and weapons at it.

But i already can't see on forcing myself keep doing Railjack grind. It's not just too grindy to get any new upgrades, but thee is no variety of grinding, which is the main reason why grinding becomes waaay too tedious.

Where Empyrean need far more than just that, a quick solution really would be just adding dailies for railjack. That way i still can see myself doing 3-5 missions per day for dailies. Otherwise i can see myself quitting railjack for good until big changes will occur (which probably not gonna happen soon).

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2 minutes ago, Robolaser said:

Please don't.

At least not until a few months, when it'll (hopefully) be a little more polished.

Would you specify why not exactly?

It's not like anyone forced to play it. Most importantly, it is really easy (development-wise) to add daily bonuses.

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Just to make sure there's no misunderstanding, i meant added as in we get 2 dailies per day instead of 1, one of the two being for railjack. A bonus daily, in other words.

But that would double the amount of points we can earn daily, not sure DE would be ok with that.

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