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Some Kind of Shaman Frame?


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I don't really know what the origins could be, maybe has some relations to Cetus or something. Anyways, a shaman frame has a lot of potential. You can add a elemental attacks to it, some voudou, maybe some worship here and there. Some spirit abilities, maybe add in some minions and magical objects, some space science and magic, and BOOM! Shaman frame.

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Powers i could think of are

1: totems like wisp. But you turn an enemy into a totem that applies a buff

2: animal speak, causes wildlife to join you and or summons 7 kubrows and kavat summons to attack enemies

3: throws a toxic vial splash at a locatiin that strips armor as well as spplies a viral proc in a small aoe. Enemies are stunned and disoriantated while in the circle zone

4: raises tge nearby dead enemy body parts and causes them to latch on or explode at living enemies

As a passive. Walking over dead enemies restores your health energy and applies a stacking armor buff that decays

Maybe he can use his energy to effect a totem. Or its rng. His 1 turns an enemy into a radial damage totem that is toxic fire cold or shock. Randomly.

Totems. Flasks. Voodoo. Maybe a jungle or Jamaican vibe warframe.

He holds a chicken and he says CHICKEN ARISE. ARISE CHICKEN


What if he had bongo drums. A drum warframe. 


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I will develop based into the Tomplexthis comment


1- Nature totems

 - Makes ice procs gets enemies slowwed down or frozzen depending ability streng

 - makes heat procs on enemies in a radial pulse over time stripping armor depending ability streng

-  Makes toxin pulse for enemies over time maybe putting enemies to sleep or somthing of the like.

Can be made like chroma that its effec change depending on the nergy color of the warframe so you can ahve a ice shaman, fire shaman and soo depending on the color you use.

1 should be a attack ability in my opinion.

I suggest to keep the toxin because shamans used fongus and drugs to have their visions and this can be used as well.


2-  I would like summon nature spirtis(are animals like kubrows kavats and so) but instead of being a living being like khora kavat its a familiar.  each familiar can give you & your partysomething like a buff and can be duration based. you can maybe cycle between the avaliable sumons, ones will give attack abilities, others defense, or health recovery I suggest to avoid giving same buff as wisp, maybe do something radical like whit harrow and make one that buff your status chance and resistsance, other that buff your armor with knockdown recovery or something of the like.

3- Spirit armor that boost your defense/attack  something like garas/ember 2 that allow the frame to survive. the spirit armor can look something similar to skyrim spectral energy armor you get in last DLC.

4-  Something like exalted totem ??? or natures judgement a finisher attaCK AoE radial based on a radius from the player location base can be 30m and can be enhanced with mods.

As a passive. built in energy siphon since you're in contact with the spirit world and S.H.i.T


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