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My Railjack solo experience...


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  Well, to put this simple I just want to share with you how I managed to clear earth first mission without any help,

All I did is :

- I farmed the hell out of archwing stuff in Salacia.

- I potatoed both my Imperator and my Amesha

from here you can basically take any frame it doesn't matter, all I did is to drive my Railjack 10 000 meter away from enemies, then I go back to fight them with archwing, In some runs enemies will try to reach your railjack, just them keep close and  shoot them in the back, for the big ships you can take Ash and go invisible and destroy the Core with a fast melee weapon, Once I finish destroying everything I go back to my 10 000 meter away Railjack and go grab all the resources.....

Now, We've seen Twitch Streamers using some very very bad archguns and Melee weapons in their streams so that the game seem harder, In fact.... Railjack is Easy, and you literally can Solo it with the right set weapons and mods, I have a Solo clan, yes its hard to manage the ship on your own when playing solo, But if you just drive your ship away, You can do at least earth missions in Solo.

I'm not saying Railjack shouldn't be Squad based, I actually enjoyed carrying some randoms, But when the Devs release Railjack and intentionally cut the solo player out to force the community to go in squads, seems to me that DE doesn't know their game at all.... You can just type in youtube "Railjack Solo" and how many managed to clear the entire thing 2 days after release....

What I liked about Railjack :

 - PERFORMANCE....... comparing to last year's Fortuna, where I couldn't launch into Orb vallis bcs of my bad GPU/CPU, This year's Railjack is running smooth on Potato hardware which is very appreciated DE, Thank you.

 - randoms invading my ship, Yeah... I do like playing with people, just don't Cut me out next time DE, New war... right ? no BS plz !

- Combat, it does feel like a space pirate, So I like it.

Conclusion :

Warframe is 7 years old, and it seems like a lot of new players joins the community with every hyped updated, my advice for you is to not turn into white knights, this game is so good, I actually Love it, But playing it without giving your honest feedback is going to destroy it at some point, Fortuna is a pure example, I know some white knights will hate on me for saying it but, Open worlds was never ever a good choice, we could've had "Eidolon" without the need of the "plain of Eidolons", what we needed is updates like the Old blood, what we needed is a flying ship to make our space fantasies come true, which is why we play this game at first....... I did not download waframe 3 years ago to Collect Floofs, to me DE should focus on fixing their game first, then move on to next big project, just take a look at the reworked Melee and archwing, omg I never ever played archwing missions and enjoyed it as much as I do now, and it all thanks to railjack. 



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I think since I play in NA but am based in New Zealand I have trouble getting people connecting to me. I have an excellent connection so those that do generally get less than 200 ping but I think most keep their settings far lower to avoid laggy hosts so 99% of my time on my own ship has been solo. With a few upgrades from joining missions I was able to solo a few missions but Slingshot and the Omni Teleport REALLY help with this.

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