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The Miter



Potato or no Potato, this is the question here ....



Edit: I have written Forma accidentally instead of potato, due to not taking a break like DE suggests all the time :D. So not the guys are weird, I am :)

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I enjoyed it very much.


Compared to the ignis, it might not be worth it to my playstyle to forma it, but any lower level survival, or any infested mission, Miter is sure as hell useful as it is fun!


Just make sure you Charge it completely for 100% enemy puncture!

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Closest comparison is the Paris Prime.


Miter has a slower charge, and thus less DPS and time/shot, which means it kills single enemies slower. What it does have is a LONG puncture on charged attacks and a decent (if ammo inefficient) dps on reg attacks, and 3x damage to lesser Infested.


Miter is particularly good for doorways and long hallways, but falls behind in single target dps. The doorway at the entrance to Towers defense is a favourite spot of mine to farm with the Miter, you can easily take out 4-5 enemies per shot.


It hella fun to use tho, I love the 'something different' guns in WF.

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