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Thumper cannons misaligned


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This has been an issue since... well, forever now. I feel like its been like this since the Old Blood update came out, maybe even longer than that. Thumper cannons are horribly misaligned with the rest of its body. They kinda just float around it. It doesn't really mess anything up, its just been like this for forever now, and would like to see it fixed. I know that the picture isn't great, but its the best I could get. A8B8CBDD05E0C7B11DE1E8F0B125ECEE737998A4

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Took an additional images to back up this users post.


As they have stated there is quite a marginal misalignment in regard to the cannon/auto-gun of the entity, and this is present across all models of Tusk Thumper.

Where:  Plains of Eidolon (or any area in which Tusk Thumper's are being added)

When:  Immediately upon the turret's activation (when the Thumper gain's sight of a target, or is simply taken out of its idle animation i.e. Codex Entry)

What:  Both guns present on the Thumper will be misaligned with the rest of it's body.  There may potentially be other faults with plates on the entity not moving correctly (specifically those on the main body, not legs) but it's been too long for myself to accurately remember.

Hope this helps, and isn't too much hassle to get sorted at some stage!



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