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visual glitches in railjack missions


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some times either the pod that grineer board in, or even the entire wall section are invisibleFtTKpIz.jpg

sometimes turrets are in weird places, usually inside the ship (sorry if its a bit hard to see)




and also this player who was gunning was shown much higher in the air that normal


all three of these picture were from the same mission. none of these effected gameplay in any way from what i could tell, but the first 2 seem to happen nearly every mission, even if im the host

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I too get these graphical bugs.

These bugs happen only when I have either the gunner rank 2, playing as a client, and/or have continued with the same crew into another mission and not going back to the dojo

Here are a few screenshots of the sort of graphical bugs I've gotten so far:





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