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Fix "high tier" difficulty and enemy level


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Why? Because with using the possibilities warframe and weapon modding gave us, using max 2 braincells we can build our warframes to withstand every level right now. We did that without umbral mods, without adaptation, sacraficial mods, riven mods and without any new mods years before. Yet we have these new awesome mods in our hands for some time, new stronger weapons too and everything we can imagine, even operator with awesome abilities, and the game still has the same difficulty.
I made 2 hour long survivals with excalibur back when there were nothing from what i just listed here. And it was fun. I have been to 2 hour long survivals with the EV trinity, desecrate nekros and a dps frame and a cc frame. And it was fun.
Right now we have to push the timer to 3-4 hours or further just to reach the enemy armor, shield and hp our gear is supposed to work against. In non-endless missions we can slaughter enemies without any effort... Yet these enemies keep oneshotting us at level 90-100 already while we can still oneshot them?

We don't need increased enemy level faster or anything like that...  we need either stat reworks on enemies, or difficulty modes on every node.What we consider difficult now is only difficult because they can oneshot our entire healthbar and that's another problem.

So to fix problems, i would recommend to just do something with the maths on enemy hp, armor and shield, lower the chance for them to oneshot anything they see and to either add difficulty modes on nodes or just really do something with the base stats. In endless missions and in non-endless missions they would be a bigger threat if they were just way more tanky and had a bit less damage. Oneshoting everything is the way to go now, and that makes everything else just useless. But it's not fun to know that i'm only successful because i do this... It makes teaming up again useless, it makes soloing almost impossible without using a tank or invisibility frame. And i'm talking about higher levels right now. And yes i know, lesser people wants to do long survival runs... But if the game had a more properly built difficulty curve with bigger rewards for playing difficult content ( Possibly the difficulty mode on nodes i'm talkin about ) then it would be more fun to play those builds that we can build, yet can't find the enemies we are supposed to kill with those.

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