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territorial aggression stops working randomly (PoE)


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I've been doing a lot of condroc captures lately (I love the floofs, what else can I say), and sometimes I've seen a bug with it

basically, the "bubble" triggers, but it has no effect on the animal -- the condroc just keeps flying in circles. then, once it's captured or flies away, the bubble gets stuck.

some other times, the bubble will again trigger (this on landed condrocs), but they'll fly away all the same.

this is even more obvious with the roaming kavats -- sometimes they'll freeze, most of the times they'll just try to attack you (so much so, that if it wasn't for the few times they froze, I'd think they weren't counted as wildlife but enemies)  (also obligatory "why is my kavat still red after using the curative)"


I've definitely seen it today (so, after empyrean), but I think it happened before too (I'm SURE I saw the stuck bubbles, in any case -- and the lack of effect on the kavats too)


returning to the orbiter and back to PoE seems to fix it, but just stepping into Cetus and back to PoE doesn't.


also, mildly related: the spawn rate of rogue condrocs (and any uncommon animal, for that matter) is way off. like, with no pheromones you get the "standard" rates (which may well be 80/15/5), but. with the pheromones you get (in my little experience) a guaranteed rare. meaning, getting the uncommons is... hard. I think the pheromones should give you something like a 60% chance of an uncommon, and a 40% chance of the rare.

also, obligatory "why on earth are trails so hard to see" (ESPECIALLY during sunrise/sunset) and "couple of them are bugged too" (you hit the start point, but trail won't appear, marker is still on map, but it won't let you trigger it again)


note all this is on PoE.  ... I tried some Orb Vallis captures, but... I can't get the sawgaws for my dear life (who thought it'd be a good idea to have them perch on top of the mushrooms?!? when you still can't hit them even from AW?!?!) and I mostly like bird floofs. but, again, maybe because they were too high, but territorial aggression wasn't even triggering.

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update: here's a pic of all the stuck bubbles

they've been there for at least ten minutes

note, other than (sometimes) not triggering, it was working "fine" (when it triggered) -- and obviously I wasn't in AW when I say it wasn't triggering.

so far I think it goes buggy when you enter cetus and get back to PoE, but further testing is needed.


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