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Engineer woes.


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So, I play as engineer most of the time because I'd rather care the ship doesn't break and make us fail the mission, than shoot stuff in space, and it's relatively fun and stressing at times, the last part because of the design/bugs for that function onboard the Railjack.
First, the forge availability isn't always displaying with its overlay, so gotta pull and waste precious seconds to check if you can build whatever resource is needed at that time, most times being the Revolite. Doesn't help that the cooldowns aren't even displayed when interacting with the menu.
Second,...I am sure Steve (or whoever had the brilliant idea for this mechanic) thought it would be "cool" to have us use our parazons to pull down the forge every time we need to craft something with utmost urgency, oh yeah a fancy animation lock that serves no function other than looks! Not to mention how nice is to be left with the damn parazon equipped after using a forge, instead of going back to our previous weapon or even the Omni. Was it too hard to leave the interaction for such a critical part of the game to be always available, to the press of a button, or even the pull of a lever? NOPE, we have to play lasso and pull the damn thing to use it, over and over again.

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