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Grineer Crewship Spawning inside of Clan Drydock


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After playing on the second rail-jack Skirmish Mission on earth to completion, (After completion, several Remaining fighters despawned,I have also never seen this happen) , I then collected some residual Resources in a 4 Man Public Lobby, and then Returned to Drydock as the owner of the railjack. While Setting course, i think I may have been under yellow threat by a nearby Cannon. Upon Arrival, in the Drydock, an Alert was given that the enemy was launching ramsleds. I Exited the Railjack almost Immediately After, Followed by Two other members of the Party. A few seconds (5-10) A Grineer Crewship Spawned behind the Railjack, and flew into the Hangar. It did not Attack. It just Flew around. About 40 Seconds after it's arrival, Frame rate Dropped from 35-45 to 3-13, and frames began to start missing entirely. I Returned to the Railjack, all crew had now left the lobby, and the Frameloss Persisted, and Framerate Remained within the Previously mentioned Range. It should be mentioned that while a Warning for Boarders was given, No ramsled spawned, and no enemies were found in the interior. Nobody Else seemed to see the Ship Except for me.

This Bug was resolved when I left the area to deploy to a new Mission. After the Cinematic for launch began, the lag stopped. The Grineer ship was still in the Drydock when i left. It has not Re-spawned in the new mission.  

Below are some Screenshots of the Enemy ship within the drydock


When I entered my drydock after disembarking, my Transporter pad was not there, so I attempted to put down another one, and it allowed me to enter decorate mode and place a new one down. When I was in the decoration UI, it said there were 3 Other Transporters. If the one in the drydock had been included, there should have been four of them. I have just returned to the drydock again after making it back from the mission I used to repair the bug. When I returned, the Transporter I had placed still in construction mode was gone, and the old Transporter had returned, and it is fully functional. 

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Addition to original Bug Report
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