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Railjack Communication During Missions


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Hey, sorry your post stayed unanswered for so long.


Digital Extremes was nice enough to give us an in-game voice chat but if you use it I've seen 0 people listen or appreciate it.

The best bet is to go in the chat, set out roles beforehand (in public that has to be done quick but still), this way you can function as a team without having to stop a role to type. 

Me and a friend of mine like to play Railjack together, just us in a duo. Before we went in we discussed what we'd do when we were in battle; Simple, he's got S#&$ty internet so 50% of the time the game won't even recognize he is in space and won't activate his Archwing: Conclusion? Man the canons and fly the ship if needed.

I'd fly the ship in the first hand, he being on the turrets. Then when a Crewship would appear we'd switch places but I'd go outside to play GTA with the Crewship.


This worked for the entirety of the mission until at the very end when we got a bit off course, I was off to board a Crewship and the critical failure thing initiated, I rushed back to help and he was flying. Good, he stuck to his role. I fixed everything and then he came. Everything kinda fell apart and we only barely survived.

If you have a job: Do that and nothing else.

If you want to avoid this altogether I'd suggest joining a clan (Which you probably already have) and get some of the lads together in a voice chat.

TL;DR: Make roles before mission, stick to said role. Goes to hell? Run with the clan in VC.

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