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Archwing usability and railjack in general


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So in railjack only amesha is viable just because it has invulnerability and regenative abilities doesnt that make you think archwings are bad or the game design I mean enemies in particular. 

Another question would be if archwings doesnt get quick rework any soon why grineer are not using single soldiers in space to help their ships it could be same enemies from old archwing missions reskinned so archwing abilities that were created for them could have some use. This also could help ppl get used to archwing while getting most of the mods from these enemies. Btw this suggestion comes from a guy that had most archwings and archguns prepeared for future updates that he is not really fond of playing.

DE make us mod archguns for pure elemental and crit dmg for orb mothers then switch to pure status for railjacks secretly nerfing them and removing hitscan. I myself had everything prepd in archwings like I said but I havent even played a single railjack mission because of work I couldnt have made my own ship yet but from what I see on streams and videos I imagine myself only joining random dudes and going outside the ship to farm em umbral formas since drop isnt calculated for everyone. I pitty the guy who will be piloting that snailjack and healing it while everyone else will be collecting loots in 3 different ways. 

Sorry if I interupted someone elses fun  I bet I would enjoy it too but seeing it all from the side gives you postnut clarity vission over things and thats few dissadvantages that I had to point out. Give your thoughts guys.

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