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Upgrading Frames



been playing about 5 days so far ......cool game.


I started out as Loki. I was looking at the other frames, however I have 50 platinum and all the other frames cost platinum only. Does this mean I am stuck with this frame unless I "buy" more platinum?

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All frames can be farmed from bosses. NOTHING in this game is plat only except for cosmetics, and slots. I highly suggest you spent your starter plat on a warframe slot and a few weapon slots.


In order to get other items you must build them. You can buy the blueprints in the market and see what materials you need to build it, can also view it in the foundry when you own the blueprint.


Building warframes needs 3 pieces. The helmet, chassis, and systems Blueprint. All warframes and there pieces can be farmed either from the boss of a planet or finding them from doing missions.


Also, wiki is your friend: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki



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All frames can be farmed from bosses. NOTHING in this game is play only except for cosmetics, and slots. I highly suggest you spent your starter plat on a warframe slot and a few weapon slots.


Not all cosmetics are bought only with Platinum. Though the Syandanas don't have blueprints or alerts, Helmets do. They pop-up as alert rewards from time to time and you can craft them afterwards.


Apart from that, as Dtexas said, this game does not force you to pay for every item. You want a Warframe? There are bosses that drop specific Warframe blueprint parts - Buy their blueprints, farm their parts and obtain resources for the construction. Want a Sentinel (Pet)? Buy their blueprint and use resources. Want a weapon? Buy its blueprint or find some in bosses or the void and craft them.


Overall, it mainly comes down to grinding. In my opinion, I don't mind it, I've actually come to love it. It gives me more anxiety to play this game, brings more fun into the whole grinding system and you end up having what you want, as if you worked hard for it, which you probably will.

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If you take another look at the market you can buy any frame for in game currency/credits. However, you need to kill different bosses to acquire different warframes blueprints. You need the helmet, chasis and systems blueprints then once you have all three of those for a single frame you craft them and then you buy the actual warframe blueprint for that frame from the market under warframes and then build that. It does seem like a lot of work but it is quite simple. The most tedious part is getting the materials and then getting each part blueprint from the bosses. Sometimes you get all 3 separate pieces in 3 runs sometimes you run it 10 times and get 1 or 2 of the same piece over and over. Again it is not hard and does not take too much time (besides the final crafting times,3 days, for the frame after each individual part is done) and nothing requires platinum. 

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good info, thanks guys.


Quick question, someone up there said to use my beginner plat to buy fram and weapon slots. where or how do I do that?


Go into your Arsenal and then click on Inventory. From there, on the top, there are a few icons - Choose the weapon icon and after that, on the bottom, there is a button that says Buy slots. That's the one.


But wait, do not waste your Platinum just yet. I like my way of thinking, so it's up to you, but you can stay and listen. Save your Platinum and one day, when you have your Inventory filled with weapons you like, you can proceed to buy Platinum, that's a good time to buy slots.

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I did it a little differently.


I knew if I liked WF I'd be spending some money on it. So rather than buying slots, I chose to potato (orokin reactor/catalyst) my current frame and first new weapon, and then made the decision to spend ~50$ on the game.


Doing it that way I decided I really liked WF and went ahead and spent money for a founders package, and was able to make that decision based on a 'full experience' of gameplay... if I had decided I didn't like WF I wouldn't have cared if I had slots for more weapons - I wouldnt be playing the game anyways.


Eventually I went ahead and bought the GM package because I do like the game that much, I dont even need the plat yet (although leveling weapons with a catalyst for mastery is much easier and more fun imo)

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