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Railjack Equipment Idea: Tractor Beam


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So there's one sci-fi equipment that seems missing in all our railjack stuff, unless its available as a battle avionic and I haven't encountered it yet...


For Warframe flavour, maybe it can be named Omni-Tractor or Gravi-Omni etc.

It should be mounted on the Railjack as an additional equipment slot, so in addition to the main cannon, side cannons, and ordnance, there is one more weapon slots just for the Tractor Beam and all its upgraded variants. 

Upgrading the tractor will: extend the reach, the holding, pulling, and throwing strength, and increase healing speed, and increase the mass of the target that the tractor beam can manipulate. Higher level tractor beam means it can target larger things. Leveling up also reduces the rate of overheating and speeds up cooling down of the equipment if overheated. 


- Directional vacuum to pull resources nearer to ship. just aim at resources and fire and they will start drifting towards ship. Higher tractor beam level means faster pulling, longer range, wider arc.

- Grappling enemy ships. When firing upon enemy ships, it can slow them down, even bringing them to complete standstill. Even forcing them to collide into each other. But it will dependent on enemy ship level and tractor beam level. Basically it's the beam strength versus their engine power.

- Grappling debris. Can use on debris to move them and use them as cover or a "weapon" of sorts to throw them into enemies, dealing damage. Higher beam level allows manipulation of larger debris

- Recovering and Healing Tenno who are in archwing. If they are at full health, grants them some damage reduction  if the beam is fired on them. Higher beam level results in faster healing or more DR. 

In terms of user-interface, I think the decoration system can be adapted to use in the tractor beam.

When used on enemies or target: Target an object or enemy in the environment, click, and you see a rough outline of that targeted item appear and you can move the item around. Then we can use up and down buttons to change the distance of the object in direct relation to your position. Once the new position is confirmed, the tractor beam will begin attempting to move the object. If its an enemy ship, it will struggle and so moving the ship to the desired spot or holding it still in a spot will vary depending on your own beam strength, If the desired spot you chose collides with another object then the beam will attempt to throw the targeted object into that other object

When used on loot: Just click and hold to fire a sustained tractor beam that sucks loot towards the ship in an arc as you aim it around.

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