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[Warframe Concept] Adonai, The Sin Eater Warframe


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(Got pretty bored when I was at church so I just thought of this while in my church class)

Stats at rank 30: Health: 600 Shields:400 Armor:300 Energy:250

Passive: Adonai has a "Sin" meter, caps at 1000 Sins, every 250 Sins gives you a 10% damage boost to you and your allies.


1. Baptism: Adonai extends her hand at enemy's in her sights, and takes away tiny black orbs of light and gives you 5 Sins but if the enemy that you used this ability on shot you or your teammates they give 10+ Sins every time the hit you or teammates, also has a 25% chance to make enemy's them into allies, takes away 50 energy.

2.Sin Seal: Adonai casts out a black orb that floats above Adonai and latches onto enemy's in a 10m range, making them ragdoll and dragged into the ball maxing to 5 enemy's, sucking all their Sins and health away, this gives you 20 Sins every 2 seconds and gives you a 30% armor buff every enemy that you latched onto, takes away 2 energy every 2 seconds, and costs 75 energy.

3.Wicked Armor: Adonai takes away 250 Sins and makes it circle around her in a black mist, reducing damage by 60%, and if you use the ability again and hold onto the ability cast, you give the same armor to allies, costs the same amount of Sins, Costs 90 energy.

4.Sin Devour: Adonai takes all the Sins stored within her and devours it, and makes her faster, reload speed is faster, and ups her critical chance, the buff is based on how many Sins Adonai ate, 1000 Sins makes her 4x faster, reload time is split into 1/4, and crit chance is upped to 70%, 750 Sins makes her 3x faster, reload time is split by 1/3, crit chance is 60%, 500 Sins makes her 2x faster, reload time is halved, and crit chance is 50%, 250 Sins makes her 1.5x faster, reload time is reduced by 1.0 seconds, crit chance is 30%, you have to have at least 250 Sins to activate this ability, every kill gives  50 sins, and takes away 120 energy.

I'm tired now so imma go to sleep bye.



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