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Kuva siphon missions broke


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Hello ever since the Empyrean ubdate drop the Kuva Siphon/Kuva Flood missions have broken. As an example if you want to do a Kuva Siphon Exterminate on Public Matchmaking it will jump you into a Kuva Siphon Mobile Defence or Kuva Siphon Capture mission or litterally any other Kuva siphon besides the one you have selected.This is especially frustrating cause most of the time you will have done the other Kuva Siphon nodes and will not receive the reward if you are jumped into the same mission that you already done. Cause of this bug i find myself running the Kuva Siphon missions in SOLO MODE just so i can clear out the nodes on the planet cause otherwise if i use Public Matchmaking i will be jumped into the same mission over and over again even though i have selected a different mission. Please fix!


Thank you!

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