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Skins Wisp/Gauss/Grendel

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Hi Dear Tennogen Tennos. 🙂

First thank you for the great skins which were created during the years, both Tennos with a great design skill as also the DE Teams(s) for the DE related designs. Gave me some cool time to fashion my frames. 🙂

After the release of the three mentioned Warframes and handling their looks and loadouts following ideas for skins came up:



Since her movement () looks so smooth and with the whispers/hissing reminded me very strong on a snake slithering through the air. Not aware if some of you remind the old cartoon of Conan the Barbarian, but saw here in a cool humanoid Snake skin.

Maybe also the visual effects of the first power, which then should look like hatching snakes or wards, second unchanged, third that spectral snakes attack the enemy and the forth unchanged.



A Tron styled skins.



Armed with cleavers reminded me on the Butcher of Diablo one. So maybe have some inspiration to have a Butcher Demon styled skin for the World eater?


Thank you for consideration.

Best regards

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