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Losing my patience waiting for Relic bug fix...


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Sporadically and randomly you will go into a relic fissure with any kind of relic,  collect the 10 reactant and get to the end of the round.   The screen that is SUPPOSE to let you choose your relic reward from among the squad has all the pictures as "loading" and even though you can see the color of the rarity bar under the pics you CAN NOT change your selection.   Your stuck with whatever you rolled even though you are with 3 other people.

This has been going on for atleast the past 3 months.  It is rage inducing to refine relics and go with a group to get a rare from a relic,  have someone get the rare relic and then have this bug happen making you unable to choose a reward or even see them.   In fact this all started with the release of gauss and the problems that brought to disruption UI getting frozen/ screwing people out of rewards.   

If I filled out a support ticket everytime this Relic bug happened I would probably get banned.  But there seems to be ZERO acknowledgement or ETA on a fix.   But hey lets just keep on releasing new relics and primes to go after.  

Ivara prime is coming and I already know this bug will cost me some of the prime parts.  I really dont want to get banned for what happens after that =/. 



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