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Railjack Visual Bugs


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As shown above, there is a visual bug where after the grineer board the railjack, there will be missing textures of the grineer's pod(1st) or the railjack wall(2nd pic). We can still can feel the wall being there or stand inside the invisible pod. This occurs randomly



And this yellow ufo cylinder after shooting the antenna of one of the asteroids

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I've been getting these types of visual glitches when in the 360 gunner view, but in the last mission I played just now this is what happened when I exited the 360 gunner view. 

- when in the 360 gunner view I had no visual artifacts

- despite the lack of geometry I could still move around the railjack and interact with doors, seal breaches, etc.

- The issue persisted when I exited and then re-entered the railjack

- The issue disappeared after the mission was failed (because it's hard to get to breaches when you can't see walls, etc)





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I have been experiencing this as well. Many missions, about 70% of the ship is invisible, which can be especially problematic when it comes to patching the ship, and when you need to forge more revolite but you can't even see the room the forge is in. Also randomly one of the wing guns will get stuck at the bottom of the gun track and become unusable. 

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