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Veil proxima healing ships makes the guns even more UNDERPOWERED due to the really fast overheat

I have gunner 7 and the ship mods to increase overheat max, but the guns MK III still overheat so fast and the damage is so low that we end up going out in archwings to take down all the ships because if we use the guns obtained from the level we are playing, it would take hours to kill all the fighters.  Between the low damage and the constant overheat "risk" you just can't kill anything because then here comes the "invisible" healing bubble to fill the guy back to full health after you just shot him for 10min down to 1/4.  MK III guns should kill "MK III" fighters in 2 overheats or less NOT 5, I was preventing the over heat but I'm saying that firing until the meter is all the way about to over heat and then stop until it's empty while keeping the ship in target takes around 5 (if they don't heal) to kill and when you have to kill 90 that's just crazy, We abandoned ship and just used archwings to kill them while the engy stayed for the repairs and boarding parties.


1. MK III guns need a small boost to damage with a small decrease to heat (from 80 to maybe 65) for the beam one, the other can't remember but it was the auto cannon it fired 4 times and overheated on shot 5 that's a bit too fast when you have to lead the target.

2. Over heat meter should be on the left of the reticle where we can see it not in the bottom left corner.

3. ALSO, amesha seems to be the only viable archwing the rest die almost instantly when they exit the ship.

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