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Too bright to see enemy or blue orbs on Mastery Rank 19 Test


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Hi, this is my first time post things in here, remembering that if i catch bugs or errors always go through ticket support before...


so, just like on title, i cant see enemy far away that I NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO, even the blue orbs that should be blue didnt look like blue, it was just too bright too see, i've tried setting brightness or contrast to lower than standard, but still no glimpse of enemy or blue orbs...


remembering i tried twice do the test and failed twice in a row too -_-


dont know how to insert image from URL, it give me error, so i upload it to imgBB sites

thanks for the help..



1. Remembering my PC not good enough in performance, i do deselect some graphics detail in custom mode. Then i tried to set my graphic design to high for looking if its has an effect on this. then after set it to high, enemy can be seen again but still a bit too bright and for the orb its still not fixed, still give me a blank white with orb models.

2. then i got another bug, after so many practice on the mastery rank 19 test. I wanna take mastery test in qualify mode, i clicked the button. then nothing happened. then i tried to to click the button again then it gave error that i need to wait for 1 Day to do another mastery test ( i did it in cephalon simaris mastery rank 19 test) well, i think i need to wait... again -_-

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fixing a bug and found another bug at the same time
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47 minutes ago, Trimmershake said:

i have the same exact problem on mastery rank 10.
mission is too hard to actually do blind and i've tried turning my brightness down and contrast up but it's still a blinding white with no way to see enemies or platforms.

haha, its seems its just like me that happened, then now i tried to do practice to remember every move of them, and gonna try again in blind mode without know where the enemy are but on maps only :v


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