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Empyrean: Hotfix 27.0.3

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Empyrean: Hotfix 27.0.3

*We've made a change related to the Umbra Forma Blueprint reward. These are an intentional reward drop for Railjack missions in the Veil Proxima region (harder enemies, better rewards)! Wires got crossed to have it drop on Earth, which is not intentional.

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Corrected Zetki Cryophon stats to their intended values. This fixes the Zetki Cryphon not having stronger damage than the base Cryphon.
  • Tweaked flares and explosion FX of Fighters and Crewships in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed incorrect scale and lighting of a certain prison.
  • Fixed missing collision on some Crewships in Railjack.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to join a player’s Railjack from their Orbiter.
  • Fixed a script crash that could kill your Railjack HUD.
  • Fix for Clients not seeing turret weapon attachment animations in Railjack. 


  • Removed an unnecessary friendship door from Saturn Grineer Asteroid tileset interior.


  • Fixed missing in-world transmissions on Jupiter's Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Terra Embattor Moa's mortar attack breaking if a target was destroyed while being targeted.  
  • Fixed script crash if an Arbitration Shield Drone tried to protect certain types of NPC.
  • Fixed a network race condition that could lead to missing Client-side FXs in Hijack missions.
  • Fixed broken HUD elements in Hijack missions after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur if a Client joined a fishing party in progress.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Discharge ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.
  • Fixed a script error related to Kavats.
  • Fixed a potential script error in the Revenge Sentinel Precept.
  • Fixed a potential script error in the Unleashed Kubrow Precept.


*Please note that we’re still working on getting updated droptables with the new Railjack nodes.

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Thanks for the hotfix. We are talking about a cooperative mode huh, yes we have a tactical menu which allows us to coordinate but there are some serious issues in this gamemode:

- We are missing a compass, for real, how am I supposed to tell my squad "aim to the left" if any side can be left? (Gunner, 360 degrees view or pilot, how many times my squad told me "there are some resources to the left" but they are gunners, so their left can be any side for me!)

- Catastrophic event volume is too low! Cy gives us A LOT of informations, and important issues such as the catastrophic event which can fail our mission must be over them! I failed tons of missions because we were focused in doing objectives without noticing the mission about to fail, add either a static text in the middle of the screen or some graphic distortion (such as the infested distortion when you are at low % armor in Infested Salvage) which is a straight warn about the mission's status. 

- Allow us to place waypoints to enemies and objective from the railjack itself. I've been told to "shoot at that crewship!" but which if no one can waypoint it to me? The same applies for resources and drops.

- Add a little bit of brightness to items (purple drops), they are almost invisible from the railjack when piloting and sometimes and might be bad since we're losing drops.

- Please change the "item cap" in avionics and weapons and make it like rivens. Let the players choose what to trash and don't automatically trash everything new obtained, players might have lost some interesting mk1/2/3 items because of this. 


- Make a "bounty-style" mission choose screen, allowing only the host to decide in a cooperative content in what happens after a skirmish gets completed is not great, either allow players to return to their dojos or make a vote to choose the next mission (props to MetalGrayFox)

- Give players 1 or 2 seconds of invulnerabilty when getting into a crewship, in higher level missions you basically enter as dead without time to react or to cast abilities. 



Localizations are still broken




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please tell us the drop chances of ZEKTI BULKHEAD and where it's obtained from, the drop chances is insane and I'm quite confused if it actually drops or not now! please!!

I've farmed on earth for 20 hours straight now and NOTHING

Edit: Thank you for mentioning the drop table! 

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Please reconsider your decision to keep the Liches insta-kill mechanic. It's simply annoying. It makes no sense lorewise or gameplay wise, and excusing it with "we kick everything's ass so it's about time someone kicked ours" is not enough. The liches do not earn the right to somehow magically kill us because we don't have the right mods, they're too weak.

Also I've been avoiding Liches since my first one because of how mind numbingly boring the murmur grind was, that should be re-evaluated. I really want a reason to partake in this system but it just doesn't make sense to me as it is at the moment.

As for Railjack, it's been decent so far aside from all the bugs, but you should look into giving our Railjacks a bit more armor or something, it goes catastrophic every 2 seconds and it feels like I'm piloting a paper plane. The forge cooldown is also annoying and doesn't make much sense. Overall, being an engineer is not very fun at the moment and some balancing should be made.

Couple of hotfixes in and we still got a few funny UI bugs too. A random developer marker "PH" right at the start of the description when you hover over "Refine", and there's a "0" next to the names of our default ship components, as if they're meant to be ranked up, but they can't.

And why are we unable to see players list/names like the rest of the game? I have to constantly press Esc to make sure no one got disconnected.

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Seems pretty early in the day, thanks for the patch!

Also I know there's a bug megathread but I can't help but be worried that some things just get buried in the deeper pages, never to see the light.

  • Nekros can spawn enemy ships when casting Shadows of the Dead -- this would be really cool if the ships actually did anything, instead of exploding instantly and essentially wasting his energy. 

And a shameful plug for a non-Railjack related bug/interaction thingy: 



Empyrean has been super fun so far, and once you get a bit of Railjack durability it's entirely soloable, if a bit slow. Thank you once again, I'm looking forward to an Empyrean smooth and free of bugs 😊

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So the way Wreckage works is absolutely stupid.

You do 2 to 3 missions in succession get 15-20 BP and when something rare drops its just lost. No chance to choose what exactly you want to keep or scrap!

The implementation of the UI for Railjack is sooo poor. 

For example: 

1. Returning to someone elses Dojo and checking your info won't let you scrap/contribute or do anything of the sort to your own railjack 

2. You can only start missions from the Dojo with your OWN railjack. If you want to join up someone else maybe and save the trip back to the orbiter it doesn't work!


Damage from Railjack weapons to enemies is too low considering the speed of the enemies and no chance in the beginning to slow them down.

This needs so much refining and balancing (especially in the build department) this shouldn't have been released this year.


Oh you will probably nerf yet another archwing because of railjack ....Can't wait for the hate videos to come when that happens...

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