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Empyrean: Hotfix 27.0.3

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I tryed to play since the release and i was enjoying actualy the gameplay of railjack, but i was getting so much bugs that i decided to go play path of exile while i wait for a hotfix, I was mostly waiting to see the fix for entering a crewship and not being isolated for a long time as the first door wont open and you also cannot exit and a fix for the weird invite and then "this person appears to be offline" . I hope the grind is'nt that bad as people are saying but one thing i do agree with a lot of comments im seeing we realy need to get the sparse resources trough space better, some realy better vacum or something and every one should get the exact same stuff.

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So are you guys just gonna ignore the 50,000,000 bugs in the Ropalolyst fight? Every single time I go to fight that thing I get either stuck on it, can't jump, can't use abilities, can't enter operator form, get perma stuck in it's hand. It's not just me either every person I get matched with gets hit with a bug. Cmon DE.

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I know this is a small, temporary patch but I just wanna join the others on this one:

PLEASE reconsider the crazy amounts of RNG variants on Railjack components/weapons. It's difficult to sort through all the items that either don't make a difference or are straight up a downgrade despite being labeled as equivalent to your current gear. This isn't necessary.

It was bad enough with Kuva weapons getting random rolls, but please, for the love of god, don't make these items tradeable, too. RNG is in a lot of aspects of Warframe but I wouldn't let it bleed over onto something as major as the main components of your ship.

This impacts the game in a deeply negative way, to the point where people in the same party getting the same drops don't even get the same bonuses.

It was this post on the WF Reddit that made things clear for me, by the way: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ebr28v/railjack_parts_can_roll_such_poor_rng_that_theyre/

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So, let's figure out what exactly is going on here.


Tier 1 resources are those you can get outside of Railjack.  This includes Carbides, Cubic Diodes, Pustrels, and Copernics.  All of these components are used in fabrication of basic resources on Railjack, and in large quantities to fabricate MK1 components that are researched.  It also allows you to make MK1 wreckage rebuilds and some MK2 wreckage builds. 

Tier 2 resources are functionally titanium, isos, and capacitors.  You get these in decent quantities, and they drops from everything but the first couple of missions.  This fuels MK2 components for research, some basic wreckage rebuilds for MK2, and MK1 wreckage repairs.  

Tier 3 resources are the Komms, Kesslers, and the like.  These things fuel MK2 and MK3 wreckage rebuilds.  They likely also fuel MK3 research builds.  


The issue here is that the gain of Tier 1 resources is slow, and you blow them on the ship resources.  OK, fine.  I can grind for the resources to upgrade to MK1, right?  By the time you've done enough grinding it's day 3.  Research completes.  New resources are revealed, and I have a boat load of titanium but cannot get enough pustrels to upgrade 3 components let alone the weapons systems as well.  That stinks, but it means I'm going from MK0 to MK2 simply by waiting out the 72 hour timer.  I could be getting wreckage along the way, but a MK1 reactor is using Pustrels that I don't have.  So, MK1 is garbage by virtue of being a modest improvement for an enormous investment of resources...  Why?


While I'm doing this, I get a MK2 wreckage item...and it needs 350 Tier 3 resources.  I have slightly over 100, from doing missions where the "success" came from somebody spamming a storm of missiles.  If you got out of the ship in archwing you'd literally be blown away before the animation completed because you couldn't decoy with Amesha and Itzal's invisibility is actively ignored by enemies.


So, the "goal" here is to grind to level 5 gunnery and use the forward weapons.  Upgrade the dumb fire missiles as high as possible.  Return to lower levels and grind until dome of the wreckage isn't garbage, and repeat until I can get the bonuses that make a Railjack not suck.  I'm lost here...why exactly did this require almost two years to produce, and how does it still feel like a very early beta?  Moreover the 72 hour wait for research and minimal cost indicate that somebody knew the content isn't here, but decided to just increase enemy levels and ignore powers to make up for it.


I'm frustrated.  Even when the systems are working, they seem like a contradiction.  The upgrades being RNG based are effectively the worst realization of the mod system possible.  The game mode doesn't deliver on Archwings being useful, because you've nerfed them and buffed enemies so the bonus via intrinsics is necessary.  If you'd slowly nerfed archwings this might be less transparent, but you took the hammer to Itzal, cited that blink could not be buffed, and introduced Railjack with intrinsics which effectively negated both of these statements.

It's like some other studio was developing Railjack.  That would explain the discrepancy between what was said and what is.  Likewise, the absolutely broken resource grind and effective mod packs with avionics is another concession to the game being pay to win rather than free to play.  I wanted to wait to leave this reply until I've had more time, but it'll be Thursday before MK2 research is done, Sunday until MK3 is completed, and based upon my experience Q2 2020 before the system doesn't seem like a torture specifically to give grinders "content" while the casual player base might as well not engage because the promise of Umbral Forma is the only thing outside of Railjack which is delivered back into the core game.




What do I propose?  That's simple.  Scrap the intrinsics system and start over.  Make the thing a web/spoked wheel.  Instead of a single level on each item, allow 2-3 levels.  Each spoke requires a direct path back to the core, but it allows you to not choose a specific role.  Rather, you get to choose the bonuses that suit your play.  As an example, the first ranks out from the core will cost 1 - 3 - 5 intrinsics per level.  They will provide weapons access (turret 360, dome charges, archwing launcher), efficiency (crafting speed and quantity), information (team locator, internal recall, abilities), maneuvers (boosting, drift, lock-on chaff), and command functions (recruiting, training, specializations).  From there, the branches increase in price (5 - 7 - 9, 9 - 11 - 13, 13 - 15 -19), etc...) for either mildly overlapping functions or a pure role function.  This would be like gunnery and engineering overlapping for hot reloads of weaponry charges in battle, or a purely engineering increase in the amount of resources required to craft.

Now that intrinsics overlap and you can choose where those points are spent, you have to deal with costs.  A Railjack is big, so it should cost a lot.  Yes and no.  It's vacuum time, and the discussion therein.  Allow us one more slot on the Railjack  Said utility slot will be for one of three resource scoops, suiting different play styles.  One will collect all loose resources at the end of a mission, one will passively accumulate resources based on travel distance, and the final will actively highlight resources with an aura and increase vacuum range dramatically.  The first is basically a clean sweep so you don't have to be a space janitor, the second favors those who speed run missions, and the final is a convenience to those who sweep everything and don't want to keep looking for every last item.  Bam; resource collection gets better, and you even have another item to upgrade.

Finally, the scaling.  Let's be real here, whenever we figure out the cloak system everything will change.  Single player will be viable by virtue of not having to baby the ship as it's pounded into paste.  Barring that, let's be reasonable.  The Railjacks are Orokin tech.  Basic Grineer tech is beating the stuffing out of them.  Basic sentients, which have had a huge amount of time since they've been a real threat, beat the stuffing out of Grineer as hard as the Tenno.  Why then does a top of the line Orokin ship feel like flying around with a gigantic kick-me sign?  Maybe the Corpus will be introduced and have new tech (like the stuff we see when fighting the Ambulas)?  I see a lot of potential, if the introduction was just low level content rather than the Veil.  Let's close the Veil Proxima region, knock enemy levels down by about 20%, and move them to Sedna.  Instead of Umbral Forma let's go Dust 514 with Railjack.  You can use the Railjack once a day to hit any Grineer orbital facility, with said orbital facilities over a Grineer controlled world.  The act of hitting these orbital facilities will boost the level of enemies, and offer a small chance to drop high level lense BPs.  You now have an alternative to disruptions, re-use older tile sets, and integration into the universe is complete (until new content can be added which gradually cranks the difficulty.  

Why do I suggest all of the above?  Argon sucks.  Argon disappears.  The alternative is to introduce dozens of new resource types, and each new release only last until the resource grind burns you out.  Let's keep the grind, but lower the content levels until you have more to flesh it out.  That's infinitely better than introducing inconsistent progression, which either kills progress dead or requires grind that nobody will choose.  Either way, this needed another month to bake....it's almost like 2019 was the year with no content being released otherwise.

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Itzal penumbra is ineffective in railjack mission - homing missiles don't lose their lock neither does crap blink throw them off

enemy ships scans don't show in codex

We doen't have weapon / components management worth of this name - still can't scrap partially repaired trash - some components have even worse stats than dojo research ones

Zekti series weapons have a tad bit too much heat buildup

Avionics grid is too small for all the crap we'll need to install

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On 2019-12-17 at 4:44 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Railjack Changes & Fixes

Still some bugs with stat display when loading back into the dojo:

- ship still remains kinda beaten up from battle with the boarding tubes still punched into the ship which causes infinite loading when trying to invite to squad. (must restart dojo to fix) 

- mods either dissappear or display in correct stats as if they where removed when first loaded back to dojo. (must restart dojo to to fix) 

- stats everywhere; from mods to the ship parts show incorrect or not at all. Sometimes only display some data and sometimes non. 

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On 2019-12-17 at 4:44 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Removed an unnecessary friendship door from Saturn Grineer Asteroid tileset interior

When are you redoing this Tileset? 

The lighting is so so different and off that you immediately notice the transition of tiles as the doors have super glitchy lighting problems as the two types of tile combine 

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Some suggestions:


First, just about every mission someone gets stuck in somewhere, have the the /unstuck command teleport them a kilometer in some random direction. That should help people who get stuck in the models/structures.

Secondly, have a resource vacuum mod that works by extending resource collection range the longer there's no fighting (at five minutes of no fighting, every resource within 10KM is picked up, this is solely to quicken the after mission search for resources.

Thirdly, have some kind of indicator that scrapping a mod that is installed on your ship. I just #*!%ed up (my own fault) while scrapping ship mods while getting rid of extra versions of the same mod that I didn't mean to scrap losing a Bulkhead mod that gave me 5K9 health. 

Fourth, resources requirements are ridiculously high. At least give us some resources when we scrap salvaged parts along with the Dirac. Hell, have a bonus resources provided to Tenno for captured ships as it's easier to just either slingshot in and destroy the reactor than it would be the capture the crewships and keep them alive. I'm sure there are factions that would be happy to buy those ships from the Tenno.

Fifth, have archwings invincible for five seconds after deploying.The enemy ships need to have their damages balanced with archwing damage. My grattler outperforms my Railjack's weapons when I can manage to land shots

Sixth, remove the credit and non-Railjack resources from the rewards. 2K credits? 500 Rubedo? What? Why?! They should be giving only Railjack resources.

Seventh, why are absolutely no internal defenses in the Railjack? Add in nodes that Tenno can slot in turrets to harry/kill incoming boarders.

Eighth, have unique markers for enemy ships and their stances when they're being targeted they are whether or not to bother trying to shoot at them.

Ninth, why can't we deploy mining drones to Railjack proximas?

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There's still some huge discrepancy between avionics drop chances, it's such a huge mess no one is able to understand so far. We're getting the same avionics over and over again, getting some mandatory ones is beyond real, especially on the right family.

Everything is still bugged (not even worth of a beta, but some alpha iteration at best), AI is still quite poor, targeting is a real issue since we need Amesha to be able to target anything, enemies magically spawning upon us is dumb as hell, stations some players are still rushing for no reasons (except being semi afk) shouldn't even be a thing before we already dealt with enemy ships, some enemies are regenerating faster than Wolverine (not the old version) for no reason, Transport are still oneshoting everything (grats to the few ones who have enough balls to deal with them alone), we're still getting rubico & co as rewards in such missions (seriously), Looting in space is still nightmarish and should be fixed at once, RJ micro management is not fun and in worst cases is only leading to some crap loop (can't fly since stuck with repair, still attacked thus leads to more repairs....).

I wish i could play harder missions with my wife only, or even alone, but enemy density is beyond stupid - Missions level scaling is absurd - Dozens of enemies spawning at once along with two to three transport, no matters how many players are joining, are you serious ? Scaling is broken, how enemies are spanwing is also broken. No space game in the entire history made enemies spawning upon you - Each fight should be prepared and anticipated. Something should be done with this awful homing missiles that are raining upon us every single second, you never bothered with implementing decent archwing targeting, we're basically using bullets to kill space ships when they're all firing homing oneshoting stuff at us... Come on, slow their damn speed, make them unable to reach us once we've avoided them. For now even with some decent speed, we have to soak them all - Even transport missiles or station fire projectiles (in space ?!) are way to agile.

No offense, but we aren't talking about tuning here, design lead should play a space game at least once before he works on such stuff. We're far from having a smooth and fun space content so far. And don't forget to fix the damn archmelee and rework archwings that have been left untouched for way too long. We're all going for the same archwing and the same gun cause you failed at making them all viable enough.

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