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Dehtat Crit Zaw Build - Varjeet II Jai or Varjeet Jai II?



So I rolled a Dehtat Riven the other day with these stats:

  • 55.4% Attack Speed
  • 85% Critical Damage
  • 153% Critical Chance
  • -89.8% Critical Chance on Slide Attack

I hate spin-to-win, so the last part isn't really a demerit for me, but any ideas on how to build a Zaw around this riven?

I know about the Zaw builder and I was thinking of using Seekalla because I hate slow weapons (and Twirling Spire is annoying slow), but I can't decide whether to use Varjeet Jai II to double dip into crit chance or Varjeet II Jai to have a little status on there. What do you guys think?

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