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Not Sure What To Do With My Saryn Mod Slots



Recently I have been reading about suspicions about stacking damage mods. I used orokin reactor on my saryn already but currently still in process of reaching level 30. I have been wanting to confirm my thoughts about whether the damage will stack. I'm also curious about whether stretch will increase the range of the spreading spores on Venom and whether is it necessary to increase the range of miasma. Additionally, I'm not sure whether to put defense mods in.


Current mods:

Venom - 5(3)

Streamline - 7(4)

Focus - 10

Continuity - 7

Constiution - 13

Miasma - 13(7)




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Venom, like most "1" Skills, is useless. Just get the "Energy 6" mods (Focus, Flow, Continuity, Constitution, Streamline and Stretch).


Replace Venom with Rush - Saryn is quite slow.


Don't forget to Forma the Aura slot for " - " in order to get Energy Siphon.


There you go, now you have a fast facemelter that won't need defensive mods because everything else is screaming and dying.

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Venom is awesome.


Continuity/Constitution is very effective, and you dont nessecarily need all 3 (2 +dura and Focus) for mid-low levels.


Stretch does increase the venom spread range, although some recent changes made venom only spread to a max of 3 targets per pore (iirc, might be more), so if you use Venom on targets that are in groups Stretch probably doesnt help much.


Stretch is very useful for Miasma, increasing the effected range by a huge amount (+210% area).

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Saryn is possibly my favorite frame, and the only one I've potatoed so far (I'm a little conservative with those precious potatoes). But my setup uses venom, molt, and miasma (sorry contagion, you're just not that good. and unlike what someone else said, venom is one of if not the best 1 skill in the game, despite the nerf), then I go with vitality because I don't have vigor and around 1k hp is pretty nice to have


As for the other 7 slots:

Constitution for molt, and stretch for miasma. focus for venom and miasma. flow because she needs the energy, and I prefer it over streamline because the bonus is larger (flow gets me 275 energy, miasma costs 100, so I can use it 2 times and have 75 energy left over. streamline leaves me with 150 energy, but miasma costs 75, so I can use it 2 times, but then I'm out of energy). then for the last two slots, I think I have steel fiber and continuity. continuity is a little redundant with constitution, and maybe some extra shields would be nice, but its whatever. molt is a good utility skill, I definitely recommend it. and I use rejuvenation for my aura

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