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Enlarge the ship models.


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Ships look tiny from the outside compared to how they look from the inside.

Can you make the window "portals" 2-way? As in: Glue them onto a moving model?
If not, explain windows as "structural weaknesses" if need be and remove them. Replace them with screens or projections, so we see the image is rendered on some hardware inside the ship and there is no glass. The resulting visuals for the pilot would be the same.

 Whatever you do, please enlarge the outside representation of the ships.

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Railjack is 200 something meters in the dock and marginally larger than fighters in space. It's decently sized yes, but nowhere near large enough to come remotely close to what it shows before you launch. It makes it very hard for me to even want to leave the ship knowing that it's only a fraction of the size outside. I can understand making it smaller to make it easy to fly through areas that are cluttered without hitting things but, really? That's why we have archwings, there should be areas that are safe for them but unsafe for the railjack and areas that are unsafe for them but safe for the railjack. Right now it barely meets gunship status in space and yet it's the same rough size scale of an Iowa class battleship from ww2. Something the size of a battleship should have a load more firepower than this and a lot more size. I can deal with the firepower but the size of it? It's not 'slightly smaller' in space, it's barely a third the size!

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