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How can i fix finisher input?


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Im a PS4 user.

i came by to check on the new update to melee and i was pretty happy, as some of my weapons that mainly used quick attacks were useless, as their stances were not so good and now they are back.

But something was wrong, something was odd, then i realized that finishers didnt work as i was used to.

I am a Inaros main and im used to spamming 1 to CC and restore HP but i could not finish the blinded enemies anymore, then i looked onto the ability on the wiki and it still says that i can finish enemies, so i went to test on simulacrum untill i realized that you have to press SQUARE to use a finisher.

Its kinda.....meh? I just want my original input for finishers back but it seems that i cant change it, thanks DE.

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