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Issues and recomendations for Railjack


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While my opinion of the mode is incredibly positive, I do think these things should be revisited or fixed:

- After a mission is done, most players just go out in their archwings to grind materials for a couple minutes, this is incredibly boring, especially compared to the other gameplay presented by Railjack. Also after a mission is done, there are these grinner populated asteroids that have entrances, but you can`t enter them since the mission objective doesn`t need you to, so they stay closed without an option for you to enter these structures. So why not solve that boring grind by enabling players to enter these asteroids and somehow earn materials. For example: most of these asteroids are what look to be mining stations, so if a player enters that station they`ll be able to start mining for resources, but the grinner will send troops to defend the station, beginning a (timed) defence side-quest.

- A huge issue with the mode has been its bugs, I`m not here to declare my especific encounters, mostly because most them have already been written in the bug report section by other people, so I`m just wanting to say how most of them are game breaking, often causing a failed mission or just being stuck without a way to extract out of the mission, and they have been surprisingly more present in this mode than I had expected, and such a fact really bothers my overall experience, so I think fixing these should be a highly privileged priority.

- That`s it tbh. Railjack is pretty good, thx for making it DE.  ❤️

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