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Which One Is Better/best


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No frame is borderline better than another.

It's situational.

Frost Prime's abilities aren't that great for a lot of late game, except for Snow Globe, which rocks the WORLD.

Vauban is pretty much defense oriented, but can take on a sabotage or other basic mission with relative ease.

However, Vauban is fragile, and Frost is a tank.

I'd say Frost for basic defence and solo missions, Vauban for Mobile defence and high level defense missions.

Preference, yo.

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If you plan on getting one I'd say go with Vauban. He may not be great against mob with guns, but there are already so many Frosts and so little Vaubans that another player can usually make up for it by playing as Frost. Vauban+Frost=just give me my reward already

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