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Robowarframe is one of the first warframes created, in an era when the Tenno where still new to the whole "organic armor" thing, and the whole "naming stuff" thing.

It has:

Shields: base at 180

Health: base at 60

Polarities: 4 " - 2 V - No aura polarity

Armor: 10.0

Sprint speed: 1.05

His/her abilities are strongly tied to his/her equipment:

Ability 1: Roboshooting

Cost: 25

Roboshooting increases the firerate and puncture of primary weapons by 25/50/75% and 0.2/0.5/1.0 respectively during 5/7/9 seconds, affected by continuity and bettercontinuity mods. It does the same to the secondary weapon but on a lesser scale, + 15/30/45 % firerate and + 0.1/0.3/0.5 puncture, thats just because secondaries have better mods than primaries.

Ability 2: RoboshamelessIronSkinripoff

Cost: 50

Robowarframe gains + 20/40/60 % of his/her actual shield number, including mods, untill enemies shoot it down

Ability 3: Robosealing

Cost: 75

Robowarframe depressures the room where he/she is, causing the closing of all doors in the room and enemies take extra damage, this warframes do not suffer the normal depressure effects because of reasons.

Ability 4: Roboshooting - a lot

Cost: 100

All primary and secondary weapons of players gain infinite magazine capacity and 1.5/2.0/2.5 elemental damage multipliers during 5/10/15 seconds

How does it look? I can't draw for my life, but in my mind it is like Eva 01 from Evangelion (but smaller):


All critics and feedback are welcome! (Especially if you think Robowarframe is OP)

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Its alright, i can take it... snif

Anyway, something that i tried to explore here is: abilities tied to the mods you use, this would make them IMO usefull with every level of enemies, even higher ones, something that is difficult to get with the ones we have now

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Alright, ill be working on this, but the basic premise is in the name, is a robot warframe, its much more fragil than other frames, but with higher shields to compensate, and all of its abilities are focused on shooting stuff

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