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Crashing Derelict Assassination Missions.


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So 10 minutes ago, I was trying to host a Derelict Assassination mission. It crashed even before we played. So I tried it again 3 more times, this time going into the game and inviting my team in. It still Crashed, though now every few minutes into the game.


I tried to solo it to see if it was simply an internet problem for me, but it still crashed, twice for solo efforts.


So I decided to do a regular mission and see if I simply was overworking my laptop.




Turns out that I can do the regular missions just fine, however, whenever I try do a Derelict Assassination Mission, it always crashes.



Anyone else having this problem?

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well i have seen a problem somewhat similar though not to that degree


twice my game crashed (and it sent a crash report to warframe devs) during the battle with Lephantis. but some other times i can do the whole mission without any problem, other then the obligatary lag from the derelicts

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