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New Orbiter Interior


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First of all, love love love the new orbiter interior for the main room. So clean and much larger and I like it a lot. Only stuff I have to say about it is, the mapping for the “wear and tear” still seems a little worn and torn on the floor and a little on the arsenal wall...even when the setting is turned to its minimum. I just figure you should be able to make the place look pristine if you want to. Only other suggestion is that when the other rooms get redone, I think it would be good to make the colors mapped on to the same surface textures. For example, right now in my main room I have all of the metallic parts colored gold, but if I walk back into my operator room or personal quarters, there’s random yellow walls. The color is on a different kind of surface which makes it look just yellow instead of gold...

This is my first time using this forum, so sorry if I messed anything up  : P

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