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Empyrean Black screen of death


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It happened a few times so far, my screen is going black. This time i was entering a transport ship and ... I got this: 


Teleportation to the RJ didn't change a thing, in fact after a few tries i finally solved it using my operator - transference sort of fixed it this time. I joined a screen from the game itself if datas can be obtained through it.

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I had the exact same issue, I boarded an enemy ship (Which was super weird cause I randomly teleported to a crew member, but I don't have that intrinsic) and my screen went just like this. The crewship exploded and I was free again, went back to my own ship, and the bug resumed and I was stuck like that for a few minutes. I walked around and even was able to cast abilities, saw my icon move on the minimap etc. Pressing '5' fixed the issue, and I had no problems for the rest of the mission


TL;DR Press 5

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